Chief Instructor

Classes are lead by the School's Chief Instructor, Colin Beyers, who is 4th degree black belt. Colin Sensei is the founder of Aikido in Port Elizabeth and has over 20 years of experience teaching Aikido. Colin Sensei holds the title of shidoin in the Eastern Cape, and has travelled abroad to learn from the top Aikido instructors in the world. The Port Elizabeth School of Aikido is affiliated with AFSA, the national organization that monitors standards and is directly connected to Hombu Dojo in Japan. 

Colin Sensei has recently been re-elected as AFSA chairman at the 2018 AFSA Winterschool AGM

Morningside Instructor

Morningside classes have been running for two years  They were originally classes to cater for women and children only. Classes then evolved as venues changed, and they now reside at Morningside High school. There are both adults' and childrens' classes available.

Derrick Caird (1st Dan) has recently taken over the Adult classes and continues to teach every Tuesday and Thursday. Childrens' classes continue to be led by Kylee Nel sensei.

Supporting Instructor

Kylee Nel Sensei has been a student of Colin Sensei for over 12 years and has reached the rank of 2nd Dan. She has recently been given the responsibility of Co-Sensei at the Port Elizabeth School of Aikido. She is the Chief Childrens instructor of the children's Programs, both Walmer and Morningside venues. She also founded the adults program at Morningside. She continues to support students along their Aikido journey at both Walmer and Morningside venues.

Meet the Yudansha

The PE School of Aikido has had 11 black belts promoted over the years, 5 of which have moved on to new adventures. They are namely: Justin Horn, Miguel Serre, Grant Kruger, Candice Dugmore, Chris Singman, Kylee Nel, Derrick Caird, Timothy Kidson, Ivo Huisman and Rhushdi Astrie.

Colin Beyers
4th Dan
Kylee Nel
2nd Dan
Chris Singman
2nd Dan
Derrick Caird
1st Dan
Timothy Kidson
1st Dan
Ivo Huisman
1st Dan
Rhushdi Astrie
1st Dan

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