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The Port Elizabeth School of Aikido welcomes you on the first steps towards your martial art journey. We have a team of dedicated and experienced teachers that are here to support your training and offer you the best instruction and advice.

If you are interested in Aikido, please feel free to join a trial class whereby you can either observe or participate (we highly recommend participating). If you have no martial art experience, it is sometimes beneficial to wait until we host specialised adult beginner workshop programs that is dedicated to teaching you the raw basics.

We have also recently published a beginners series of videos to answer questions and offer you supporting material. Please see the videos below.

Resourses and links

Scheduled Dates:

(Dates are subject to change)

Sunday, 31st March

Winter School, June

Sunday 27th October

Summer School, December



The Next Adults Beginners workshop?

There will be three beginner workshops during the course of the year. Please contact us to book your place. 


Date: 4th February - 27th February

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Times: 18:30 - 19:30

Cost: R250


Date: 1st May - 29th May

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Times: 18:30 - 19:30

Cost: R250



Date: 2nd September - 25th September

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Times: 18:30 - 19:30

Cost: R250

We highly recommend these dedicated classes that focus on the basics needed to train successfully. These classes will include:

Basic footwork


6th kyu syllabus

General Japanese etiquette and principles

Beginners Series

We have recently begun to publish a video series to help support your first few steps onto the tatami. Here we will discuss clothing, how to wear your belt, what weapons to invest in, and actual training tutorials. 

Please note that no video is ever a substitute for mat time and training. It is also recommended that if ever trying a technique on your own, you should be in the presence of someone more experienced. Training at the dojo means you will be in a safer learning environment and under the care of experienced instructors.

That being said, we understand that some students have different learning styles, so we offer media tutorials as well. Please enjoy!


Video Series

Aikido Beginner 1 - What to wear to your first class

If you are starting out and are not sure what to wear to your first class, have a look at this clip for an explanation of what is preferable and what to avoid.

You do not have to purchase a keiko gi (training suit) initially.

Aikido Beginner 2 -How to tie your belt

This is the most common method to tie your belt. When you do purchase a keiko gi, it will come with a white belt, and you will need it to stay secure during training. 

Aikido Beginner 3 - How to tie your belt (Hollywood Style)

Sometimes the criss-cross that occurs at your back after you have tied your belt can appear untidy, and sometimes cause discomfort when you are learning to roll. Use this "Hollywood" method to keep it tidy and to eliminate discomfort. It takes a bit of practice but its worth it!

Watch this clip to learn how.

Aikido Beginner 4 - Rolling Tutorial Part 1

Rolling is one of the most important skills a beginner should learn when starting out. We break it down into its most simple steps to make it accessible for everyone and to prevent injury. In this clip, we demonstrate how to perform a seated roll, and show you what to look out for.

Aikido Beginner 4 - What about weapons?

When you join our dojo, we try to keep it as cost effective as possible. There will be weapons available for you to use when the need arises. But if you want to invest in your own, watch this clip to see your options. 

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