Colin Beyers

Rank: 4th Dan

Age: 43

Started Aikido 1992

How did you discover Aikido?

"I was inspired by Steven Seagal and then found a flyer outside Princess ‘s in Main Street."

Why did you start Aikido?

"I was looking for more than what karate was offering me. I cannot say what that more was- I was only 17"

What Motivates you to attend all the classes?

"After the class has ended, I know that I am a better person than when I arrived."

What is it about Aikido That Inspires you?

"Observing how people develop. From my own perspective, learning inspires me. Just bring a better person."

How does Aikido effect your daily life?

"Confidence, I don’t sweat the small stuff. I define what is outside or within my control. Mental and physical agility. Knowledge that I can bend down onto the floor and play with my son."

Why should others start Aikido?

"Aikido is unique in so far as it offers something for everyone , which changes as you change (get older)"

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