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"What I enjoy most about Aikido is the amazing people we get to work with"

People join Aikido classes for many reasons. Some are looking to study a martial art. Others are looking for a lifestyle change. Some may enjoy the fitness aspect of Aikido. But one thing they do not expect to gain is a second family.

Every student we ask will have a similar response, in that they return  to training every class because they enjoy the people. This is something we hold very dear to our values, because Aikido is not just about a martial art, but its about being able to positively impact people, one student at a time.

"What I enjoy most about Aikido is the amazing people we get to work with"

Articles of Insight 

"Its not just about the movement, there is so much more beneath the surface"

Aikido is one of those martial arts that is full of layers, philosophy and intrigue. It has this wonderful ability to be anything you need it to be in that point of your life. Maybe you need answers to philosophical questions. Maybe you need to figure out why a certain aspect of your personality is triggered, causing aggression within you. Most students who come in, whether they are aware of it or not, are looking for something more in their lives. And they are hoping that Aikido can help them understand what changes they are looking for. Is it confidence? Is it physical competence? Do you just need to get away from a toxic situation and just breath on the tatami? These blog entries are written by students for the future students.

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