Kylee Nel

Rank: 2nd Dan

Age: 33

Started Aikido 2007

How did you discover Aikido?

"Through a demonstration"

Why did you start Aikido?

"II always loved the idea of learning a martial art. I came from a tough childhood, and hoped martial arts could help me learn how to protect myself, and to also find my inner strength."

What Motivates you to attend all the classes?

"The mental challenge, mental stimulation, the beauty in discovering the new layers of a technique. the people around me. those moments of perfect synchronicity between technique and training partner. Feeling graceful and centered. it's a portal to my happy place."

What is it about Aikido That Inspires you?

"I found it's movement to be beautiful and the community to be wholesome. I had no desire to compete and destroy opponents. only to improve myself."

How does Aikido effect your daily life?

"It helped me find my inner strength and confidence. the philosophy touches every aspect of my life."

Why should others start Aikido?

"It's very personal and the rewards are deep and intrinsic. It's power with beauty. It's difficult but not impossible to master. Just when you think you have grasped your technique, a new layer reveals itself. you will never stop learning."

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