Rank: 1st Dan

Age: 48

Started Aikido: 2001

How did you discover Aikido?

" A good friend and I were chatting. I was looking for a martial art to practice that was not the run of the mill stuff. He was a Brown Belt Karate and suggested I try Aikido. He heard about it from a fellow Karate student who explained how he was thrown around without realising it was happening. This sounded awesome."

Why did you start Aikido?

"Following this discussion with my friend I looked up Aikido and resonated with the philosophy behind the martial art. It seemed to just fit my personality. I was looking for a physical activity to do and had always wanted to practise a martial art."

What Motivates you to attend all the classes?

"I cannot recall a class where I walked away unhappy with someone or something that had happened. There is always a positive welcoming feel on the dojo. Think this comes from training with like minded and good people. Suspect the lack of competition helps sustain this positive energy."

What is it about Aikido That Inspires you?

"Aikido can be anything you want it to be. Hard physical, deep philosophical, and so forth. Aikido is not easy, takes loads of practice. Seeing a small improvement from how I was practising the previous session really gets me excited about the next session."

How does Aikido effect your daily life?

"Ideally in Aikido one should be the proverbial eye of the tornado, that place of calm when all around you there is chaos. I believe through the practise of Aikido this carries through to all aspects of one's life. Stresses of work or home don't seem as severe. When one has had a rough day, that tends to all be left behind as soon as one steps on the mat."

Why should others start Aikido?

"Through Aikido one will find a postive environment where one can improve oneself physically, mentally and spiritually.

This will carry through to all aspects of your life and often evidenced by an improvement in self confidence, sense of self worth and physical prowess."

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